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Dr. Marty Taylor is widely known as a talented and innovative educator, consultant, interpreter, and publisher whose work is recognized internationally. She is in demand as a speaker, workshop leader and mentor, and her educational materials are cited by interpreting programs, educators and interpreter practitioners throughout North America and abroad. Thirty-plus years of dedication to the advancement of sign language interpretation have gained Marty the respect of her colleagues, students and clients. Her engaging style and versatility have afforded her the well-deserved reputation she enjoys today.

How did it all begin? Back in her high school years, Marty’s interest in the Deaf community was sparked when she began riding a school bus with a Deaf girl and babysitting for a Deaf-blind girl after school. She soon progressed to work as an intervenor (support service provider) for deaf-blind adults in Seattle.

By then she was hooked. Once Marty made the decision to pursue interpreting as a professional career, her formal education in the field began at Seattle Community College. She continued her studies at California State University, Northridge (CSUN), and then interpreted in academic and community settings in the US.

In the mid-1980s, opportunity beckoned from the north. Always up for a challenge, Marty moved to Edmonton, Alberta in western Canada, to establish an interpreter education program at Grant MacEwan College. She remained with the program as Chair and classroom instructor for five years before leaving to begin her doctoral studies.

More than two decades later, Marty still calls Edmonton home. From here, she runs her company, Interpreting Consolidated and keeps up a hectic pace--traveling, consulting, publishing educational materials, advocating for the profession, and teaching interpreters in both distant and local classroom settings. And, whenever time allows in her busy schedule, she still enjoys hands-on interpreting in the community.