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Dr. Marty Taylor is the founder and director of Interpreting Consolidated, a company created in 1993 to promote excellence within the field of sign language interpreting. Under Marty’s leadership, Interpreting Consolidated offers consultation, evaluation, research, and publishing services to interpreting communities worldwide. Marty’s blend of talents has evolved through many years of experience working with Deaf and interpreting communities, and earned her the trust and loyalty of her clientele as well as a reputation that spans the globe. Whether she is developing curricula for interpreting programs, speaking at an international conference, coaching novice interpreters, or consulting on interpreting issues, Marty has proven herself to be an exceptional performer.

“Marty has a magnificent combination of brilliance, integrity and humility that allows people to gain from her experience comfortably. She has an uncanny gift for eliciting enthusiastic cooperation in whatever project she is coordinating. With one eye to detail and the other to the human element, Marty gets things done efficiently yet with respect and concern for individual differences and feelings. She creates safe and conducive environments for thinking, creativity and learning. She is one of a kind—a genuine treasure.”

Sharon Neumann Solow, California
International Presenter, Interpreter Educator, Author