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Dr. Marty Taylor has developed curricula and taught for many interpreting programs, delivered on site and by distance. She has also delivered numerous workshops on interpreting topics. Always a popular presenter, she’s known for her inclusive teaching style and for tackling controversial issues as they arise; participants can expect lively debate and spirited discussions during her sessions. Below are just a few highlights from Marty’s education portfolio.

Curriculum Developer and Instructor, ASL/English Interpretation Programs
Program Chair and Instructor, ASL/English Interpretation Program

“For me, Dr. Marty Taylor epitomized the ideal instructor—she genuinely cared about my growth and development as both a person and a future interpreter. Dr. Taylor did not ‘hand hold’, but rather she held out her hand as a way of inviting me to continue my journey. Her commitment to me never wavered and in turn my confidence and my skills flourished. For this, I am very grateful! Marty makes time to mentor both novice and seasoned interpreters and acknowledges the learning process as a two-way street. She has the unique capacity to cultivate a positive and optimistic environment that encourages people to share their thoughts and feel valued as part of the larger group.”

Carla Dupras, COI